How It Works


The Assessment

The first thing we’ll do is meet with you and any other members of the household at your home to discuss your needs. We’ll go over our services, packages, pricing and answer any questions you might have about Terra Cuisine. If you’d like to hire us, we’ll start the assessment.

The assessment will give us an idea of you and your family’s food likes or dislikes. We’ll ask you a series of questions so we can get to know your individual palette. We’ll also discuss any health concerns (diabetes, high cholesterol, etc), food allergies, and eating preferences at this time.

After the assessment, we’ll go over container options, schedule your first cook date, and accept payment for the first cook date along with a grocery deposit, if applicable.


Meal Planning

We plan our regular and vegetarian menus with our current and future clients in mind. Our menus, generally, turn over twice a year to make sure we’re utilizing the best the season has to offer.

Our seasonal monthly special is the place we try to really use that month’s freshest produce at the market and changes every month. We try to offer a large variety of meal for you to choose from, however, if you’d like something that’s not offered on our menus, just ask! We can even prepare family recipes.

And of course, all meals will be adjusted to your families palette. For example, if you do not like garlic and it is called for in the recipe, we will omit it or find a suitable substitute.


Terra Cuisine does not include the cost of groceries in our pricing. However, we do all the shopping for you! On the day of your cook date, we will go to the grocery store where we will carefully choose the freshest, best ingredients we can find for your meals.


After shopping, we will come to your home with the food and all of our own equipment. We only need the use of your stove/oven, a clean sink, counter space, and space in the refrigerator/freezer. We will set up in your kitchen and begin to prepare your meals for the week. Cooking will take from 3-5 hours and you can either choose to be home or not.


We will cool all entrees and side dishes completely and portion them into your containers. Before putting them into the refrigerator/freezer, we’ll label each item and include heating instructions.


When all the meals are carefully prepared, cooled, labeled and placed into the refrigerator/freezer we will then make sure we clean up everything. When you come home the only evidence that we were even there will be a warm, inviting smell of wholesome food and freshly prepared meals stacked in the fridge.

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